Confessions of an ARMY Wife

High anxiety, long deployments, and many FaceTime calls…

Falling in love with someone is amazing, but falling in love with a service member is quite complicated (I’m not complaining, just confessing) while many people think military families have it easy, I assure you we don’t! There are awesome perks like great health insurance, tax-free shopping, and a steady source of income, but military life is a struggle!

1. The 3-4 Year Rotation

If you’re a military spouse you’re no stranger to constantly moving. Every few years you pack up your home & family moving from state to state, sometimes country to country. Each time you have to start over, make new friends, get children adjusted to the new living environment. Yes, the constant moving is difficult, but on the bright side at least you gain lots of traveling experiences & unforgettable memories.

2. Military First, your Career Last

So basically being married to someone in the service you do PCS’ing, deployments, and weeks in the field. It takes a lot of hard dedication and strength from husband & wife. Ultimately, when duty calls the ARMY comes first. Like myself many wives find themselves in between jobs/careers, businesses, pursing their education. At any given time you may need to put your dreams on pause for your partner to be able to advance their career while providing for your family. It’s absolutely not easy to put your needs and wants on the back burner, but always be considerate because the whole family makes sacrifices together. Though it is tough I am beyond grateful to have such a supportive husband who is always helping me make my dreams a reality.

3. Anxiety, Stress, and Depression

Obviously, all spouses worry for the safety of their service member while they are deployed. It can be difficult always being on edge wondering if they’re okay and anticipating their return home. Sometimes my mind keeps me up at night wondering about many things, I have to take a moment when I am feeling overly anxious and pray about it. In my prayers I simply talk to God praying for his perfection over my family & peace of his spirit to help me rest.

4. Struggle of Rasing “Military” Childen

my husband’s second deployment I was pregnant with our first child and when he returned home our daughter was 6 months old. That very moment was my husbands first time ever meeting our child and that was a very superior moment. Now having two children while on his third deployment is even tougher. But by the grace of God, we’re raising two very intelligent, courageous and sometimes strong-willed little girls ?. Even though sometimes we have a one parent household and to implement some of my husbands parenting skills to keep a balance and most of all keep him involved.

What I’ve learned is being an Army Wife is tough and being the service member is tougher. It’s all about what you make of it. If you have great family and friends to support you through this journey it makes it better. If you know someone who is the service member or spouse don’t forget to check in on them sometimes. We could all use a little support!

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