How To Be Fashionable: My Advice To Moms

Let’s discuss how to be a “Fashionable Mom” I will share my advice and favorite tips on how to look good even if you’re a busy Mommy. First off let me begin by saying there are a thousand ways to be a fashionable mom, but this is how I do it.

The truth? Dressing well is a skill. And like many other skills, it takes effort and the willingness to learn.

So here is why I am sharing my advice with my fellow mommies. I know being a new mom can be difficult, we have to take care of our children and home first and in the mist of that, we tend to… Well you know, kind of forget about ourselves. Let’s not forget about ourselves in the process of loving our little heartthrobs, why? Because like that old saying “When you look good, you feel good.” It’s true there have been many times I didn’t feel like myself because I would wake up throw on my Husbands t-shirt, leggings and barely combed my hair. I believe you don’t have to sacrifice one thing for another, you can be a GREAT Mom & a fashionista!

  1. Identifying Your Style. What’s you’re style? Are you boho chic, minimalist, classic or the wild card? Once you can identify your style it makes it easier to shop because you can already visualize what will fit you. I think Pinterest is a great way to create a fashion vision board, pin different looks that fit your style or inspire you to switch it up.
  2. Minimalistic Is Key. The older I get the more I realize certain things just don’t look as good in me. I recently cleared my closet and decided to donate the majority of my clothing. I had way too many colorful clothing items, too many prints and out of date clothing. Looking into my closet at neon colors and 30 plus items that had prints and designs really just frazzled me. So I decided my personal style now is more minimalistic, but every now and again I love a great statement piece. I now buy clothes that are neutral colors, solid colors, and minimal prints, this makes it easier to wear these items all year long.

3. Minimize Fast Fashion. Fast fashion is inexpensive clothing items that don’t usually last long. Now don’t get me wrong not everything you buy needs to be expensive, but of good quality! It will always seem like you need a new wardrobe when you’re spending money on poor quality items that you will have to keep repurchasing. Here’s my advice splurge on the items that you believe makes or breaks your outfit. When shopping always check the sales and see if the store has any coupons or promo codes. The more you invest in higher quality items, the longer they last and over time you spend less money.

These tips will definitely help you identify your style & make you feel more confident. It is still possible to be a fashionable mom, just because we have kids doesn’t mean we aren’t allowed to make ourselves look good. Utilize your social media to scope out fashion pages to get you inspired to fashionable.

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