5 Bad Habits of Self Image

Having a bad self-image only leads to massive self-destruction & missed an opportunity. I will be sharing 5 ways to identify negative self-image and how to overcome it!

1. Insecurity, someone who is insecure lacks confidence and usually picks themselves to pieces of things they wish were different about themselves.

2. Fear, having high anxiety usually about what they want to do or should do but is afraid to even try because they already fear not being successful.

4. Dependency, being dependent on someone to help them make decisions or pick up their pieces when they fall apart… Always needing someone because they’re afraid that they can’t do it on their own.

6. Emotionally abusive or abused more than likely if someone doesn’t have the utmost respect for themselves or how they feel about themselves are an easier target to be emotionally abused or abusive.

8. Depression, people that suffer from depression often have a bad self-image of themselves. They never feel good enough, nothing ever goes right for them.

Turn your bad self-image into self-esteem

1. Be confident

2. Self love

3. Affirming

4. Purpose

5. Health

I know in one way or another we have all dealt with the bad habits of our self-image. I’m here to let you know that you’re not alone, you are worthy!!! Take control of your life trying to implement more self-love into your daily routine. Be confident in yourself ( you’re awesome!) don’t be so quick to be doubtful of what you are capable of. You’re beautiful inside and out.


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