What to Consider When Investing In Your Blog

I personally believe that creating one of a kind content for your blog is important. It sets you aside from others and allows you to have 100% control of your creative content. No matter what kind of business you have, if you aren’t interested in paying many different people to build your brand up I’d suggest getting it done yourself! This equipment is suitable for Bloggers, YouTubers, Photographers and other business owners. On my Blog I’d say 95% of the photos I use are taken by me, I’m not spending crazy amounts of money on stock photos. Investing in your business is key, but by no means should you just go out and buy all of these things. Over time I’d get a few things at a time to allow myself to have more quality content. Honestly, I’ve became a tech junkie. I love learning more about photography and all the useful equipment to make my work top notch.

Don’t be afraid to invest in you, what you put out into the universe is what you get back. So excuse my language, but put some fire sh*t out there and let your work do the talking. For me the biggest thing that upgraded my photography skills was proper lighting, it is very important to have great light when you’re taking photos. Also my camera has elevated my blogging/ influencer game. An iPhone can work wonders!!!! I know, but it’s no where near the same quality as a DSLR camera. If you’re on a tight budget your iPhone will do since it does have an incredible camera.

Disclaimer: This blog post contains affiliate links from Amazon. If you use them, I might be rewarded credit or a commission of the sale (at no extra cost to you). Please note that I only recommend tools that I personally use and love and I always have my readers’ best interest at heart.

Camera- Under $700

If you’re a new blogger, photographer, you tuber and looking for awesome cameras to take your business to the next level (beginners & intermediate) here are the cameras I recommend. Canon EOS Rebel T5i $629, This camera has a 3 inch LCD touch screen that flips out. Included with this camera is a Canon EF-S 18-55mm Lens. I would also recommend Canon EOS M100 Mirrorless $450, originally this camera was $550 so it’s on sale for $100 less which is a good steal! This is a light weight compact camera that can easily fit into your purse or pocket. I love to use this camera for blogging/vlogging and traveling, it has Bluetooth and WiFi capability included with a 15-45mm lens. My favorite part about the M100 is I rarely edit my photos when using this camera. The camera comes with many built in settings such as black/white, skin smoothing and you can edit the photos right from the camera if needed.

Canon EOS Rebel T5i EF-S 18-55 IS STM Kit

Canon EOS M100 Mirrorless Camera w/15-45mm Lens – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and NFC enabled (Black)

Lens- Under $100

Yongnuo 50mm F/1.8 (nifty fifty) This is a veryyy popular lens! No matter if you’re beginner or advanced this is an absolute must have. The 50mm is a prime lens it give off that shallow depth of field which creates a blurred background effect. Also very sharp vibrant quality and color. The Yongnuo is literally only $50, I can’t tell you how amazing that is for the quality. Canon also has a 50mm lens prices range from $125 and up.

YONGNUO YN50mm F1.8 Standard Prime Lens Large Aperture Auto Focus Lens For Canon EF Mount Rebel DSLR Camera

Canon EF 75-300mm prices range from $80 & up. This lens is similar to the 50mm except it’s not a prime lens & is a telephoto zoom lens that allows you to shoot close distances and far with a maximum F/4-5.6 aperture. Great sharp photos with shallow depth of field as well.

Canon EF 75-300mm f/4-5.6 III Telephoto Zoom Lens

Tripod + Remote-

For my Canon cameras I have found that the Amazon Basics Remote is few of the only compatible remote for this brand. The remote cost less than $9. This remote allows me to take my own photos without rushing to set the timer and trying to get into place for your picture. I also like to be self- sufficient. As a new blogger it simply seems to work best for me, I don’t want to have to pay someone to do something I could have done myself. So basically get a remote ūüôā it really does come in handy. Remote not pictured because my children got a hold of it #MomLife.

AmazonBasics Wireless Remote Control for Canon Digital SLR Cameras

Now for Tripods I use 2 different kinds of tripods, one being my Amazon basics 50′ inch tripod which is sturdy, it can hold my 6 lbs camera without losing stabilization. The amazon basics is a good starter tripod and only cost $16!

AmazonBasics 50-Inch Lightweight Tripod with Bag

Another style tripod I use is handheld which is perfect for traveling/ vlogging. The Lammcou tripod kit comes with 3 accessories, a phone mount, GoPro mount, and camera mount all for $25. This tripod is heavy duty and is very flexible for securing your camera safely to an object. For whats included in this kit and the price makes it an unbeatable deal.

Camera Tripod,Lammcou Phone Tripod DSLR Tripod Cell Phone Tripod Lightweight Tripod Stand Smartphone Tripod Tripod Stand Holder for iPhone, Android Phone,Cellphone, Sports Camera GoPro

Artificial Lighting Kit + Ring Light- Under $60

Limo Studio light kit was my first choice for my beginner photography lights. What I love about this kit is its very affordable and great quality. Included were 3 light bulbs, 3 sockets, 3 light stands, 2 reflector umbrellas, 2 diffuser umbrellas and a carrying bag. It’s definitely a lot of equipment, but these lights took my photos to the next level. The unbelievable part is it $53, for 14 pieces.

Photography Photo Portrait Studio 600W Day Light Umbrella Continuous Lighting Kit by LimoStudio

Neewer Ringlight $55, a ring light is also another option if you aren’t big on the idea of setting up so many photography lights (one &done). This ring light allows the light to hit all of the right places without dullness or shadows. Ideally for portraits, makeup tutorials and YouTube.

Neewer Camera Photo/Video 18″ Outer 14″ Inner 600W 5500K Ring Fluorescent Flash Light (Light Only)

Must Haves-

  • Laptop, not necessary for beginners but it can be easier to get some work done on a laptop verses a phone. Either will do!
  • Phone, if you don’t have a laptop no worries most smart phones can do just about anything a computer could.
  • Journal, this will help you stay organized and helps you plan for future content.

Other Photography Accessories-

  1. Phone ring light, cost less than $10 and helps you achieve that popping selfie.
  2. iPhone SD Card Reader- if your camera doesn’t have Bluetooth/WiFi capabilities this will get pictures to your phone with no hassle.
  3. Battery Packs- it’s always good to have extra batteries Incase your camera dies, you wouldn’t want to miss that picture perfect shot.
  4. Camera bag/ Neck strap- keep your camera safe at all time use a camera bag or neck strap. Most camera come with neck strap included.

Disclaimer: This blog post contains affiliate links from Amazon. If you use them, I might be rewarded credit or a commission of the sale (at no extra cost to you). Please note that I only recommend tools that I personally use and love and I always have my readers’ best interest at heart.

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