An Open Letter to Mom’s Like Me Everywhere

Dear Moms like me,

I know taking care of your family isn’t easy and you’ve sacrificed so much to give them the best life possible. Sometimes you feel unappreciated or even overwhelmed with all that’s on your shoulders. Lack of sleep, only had a cup of coffee to power through your hectic day? I know all about it!

Please know you aren’t alone! Please know that you’re a great mom, friend, partner and all of the many duties that come along with being a parent. To the moms like me, I pray that you fulfill all of your purposes here on earth. In the process of being a great mom, which you are… what have you done for YOU lately, what goals are you reaching towards?

Becoming a mom has been the most rewarding blessing in my life. Parenting gets tough and sometimes I lose some of myself in the process. That unfulfilled part in me, not a parenting thing but strictly about myself. Who am I and what’s is my purpose outside of being a mom? I’ve struggled with re-identifying who I am.

After having two children I definitely suffered from postpartum depression and anxiety. I didn’t care about self-care, I thought I needed t pour every part of myself into my children. Before becoming a mother you were “You”. Taking care of yourself is the best way to show your children love.

I realize I needed to doing something that made me happy, nothing extravagant but simple. I started by showing gratitude each day that I woke up, thankful for all that I have and all that I am. Having a proper diet is important “you are what you eat” if you eat too much junk that is how you will feel. Writing down your personal goals, also breaking your goals into steps so they’re easier to achieve. If you don’t have a hobby try finding one, something that you will love and feel passionate about. Momma, embrace all that life has to give you and love every moment of it. These are very simple things you can do to make you feel great, along with a thousand more things I could list. Find those things that bring out the best in you!

Below I will attach a freebie, it’s a self-love journal specially made for moms. Even if you aren’t a mom this a great journal to set your intentions in place. Feel free to print, share with a friend or use on social media. If you complete be sure to tag me on Instagram @sincerelyblake_

Thank you for reading!

Sincerely, Blake xoxo

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