¡Viva México! Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo: Advantages of Traveling Solo

Traveling Solo can be intimidating if you’re looking for things that can go wrong, but what about everything that will go right! I recently visited Quintana Roo for my birthday weekend… Let’s just say I had an amazing experience, Traveling the world creating memories and leaving my mark everywhere I go.

I initially planned to attend 2018 Essence Festival, but my plans fell through due to cancellation of my reservation by the other party. So I thought “what else can I do?” In desperate need of time to myself I said screw this go big or go home. So I went to Mexico…

From experience here are 4 advantages of traveling solo and why you need to do it.


Yes, traveling solo allows you to ONLY need to be responsible for yourself. It’s something about waking up in the morning or not… and sleeping the day in if you wanted. You have complete control of your plans each day, it fells so light to go whenever you’re ready.

Confidence in yourself

Before heading on my trip, I questioned myself a lot not sure if this would be something I could do confidently. Many thoughts went through my head “is this safe? Will I make it back home.” In fact I did make it back home safely, my confidence sky rocketed. Once you do decide to travel solo, you won’t want it to be your last.

Traveling Light

I traveled with a 26′ inch suitcase, which is a standard medium sized suitcase. Literally everything I needed was in there, maybe like 20 outfits, swimsuits, shoes, accessories, photography equipment, make up… you name it!!! It all fit nicely into one bag so I didn’t have to struggle getting through the airport.

The “Experience

I will never forget my traveling experiences, I am just so elated to be blessed enough to venture off into the world. The world is so beautiful and it’s my priority to see it. Appreciating cultural differences in different countries, everywhere and every person is uniquely different. If I had to guess I’d say traveling reduces stress by 80% lol

I really appreciated all of the hospitality I received while in Mexico ❤️

I stayed at a magnificent boutique hotel The Reef 28, in a jr. suite. I’d recommend this hotel to anyone visiting Playa del Carmen, friendly staff, cleanliness 10/10, fantastic food. I had such a wonderful time & cant wait to go back!

Check out my photos from Mexico ?

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