About Me

I am Robin Blake a twenty four year old wife and mother of two. On the surface I believe I am like most modern & young mothers. I was blessed by having a husband that not only love me but also supported me all through my endeavors. I believe the values that have been instilled in me are the foundation upon which I make decisions that impact either positively or negatively on my life. I take education serious since I believe that someone who is educated has endless opportunities for success. I have big dreams for my future that I expect to achieve through hard work.

Currently, I am an undergraduate student studying psychology. Psychology is not only my future career but it is also one of the few things in my life that I am so passionate about. I study psychology because I love helping those in need. I believe that despite our short comings we all have a right to live a happy & prosperous life. My desire to achieve perfection usually result in me doing things repetitively until I get it right. For things that am able to get right the first time, it is usually not enough until I redo them more than twice so as to make sure that there is no room for error. Currently, the challenge is that I become a successful blogger. Blogging is my new found outlet to express myself and share the best parts of my life with you all. I decided to start blogging once I noticed I had a lot of “topics” that I was very passionate about and figured why not share this information with the world to help and inspire others. Throughout my blogging journey, I will share my travels, entrepreneurship, parenting, fashion/beauty and lifestyle inspired content.

In addition to my desire to achieve perfection I am usually very curious. For this reason I usually seek out new challenges from time to time. However, I never move from a given challenge not until I am able to get through it and not around it. Blogging challenges me and I have a need to conquer every challenge on my path because of the fact that it is the only way I am able to lead a happy life. The only way I have been able to conquer all the challenges that I have faced in my life is by believing that there is no greater challenge that is beyond my capabilities. For this reason I regard myself as an optimist.

Above everything else, the greatest joy in my life is usually when am spending time with my family. For this reason not a single day goes by without me seeing my kids & my husband. The time I spend with my kids is usually dedicated to ensuring that I instill good values in them. This is in relation to the fact that a good foundation is essential in helping us be who we ought to be in future.

Here I want to unapologetically express what I am passionate about on Sincerely Blake. Genuinely empower other women, mothers, wives, and bloggers! Xoxo

Sincerely Blake